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Deep muscle massage
Massaggio Maori®

A muscularly intense massage, which is not painful thanks to the use of particular woods


The Massaggio Maori® is a powerful treatment that sculpts the body, loosens contractures and activates all the muscles. This is followed by a ritual with gestures that allow work on the main muscles of the body and has an optimal action on the various organic tissues of our body, in particular: skin, fascia and muscles.

The use of special woods, studied and reworked starting from the tools used for millennia by the Maori culture, allows you to deeply act on the muscles of the body in a way that, if performed only with elbows or fingers, would only bring pain. Thanks to their rounded shapes, it is in fact possible to act in depth without generating intense pain in the person, because the forces of penetration and the weight of the thrust are distributed in all their points of contact.

Popolo Maori


Massaggio muscolare profondo con i legni


In the Maori culture, massage follows particular lines that have sacred meanings and are also found in the very particular tattoos typical of this proud and courageous people. The purpose of both is the preparation of man to face his fears, prepare for war, boost up his spirit and strength.

Especially this massage:

  • Relax considerably
  • It has a decontracting action
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Improve the circulatory system
  • Helps eliminate waste
  • Reduces cellulite and increases tone
Partial Deep muscle massage
Duration: 30/40mn
Price: 35 Euro


Deep muscle massage
Duration: about 1h
Price: 50 Euro


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