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What is the DIABASI® Method?

DIABASI® School of Professional Massages is the most prestigious massage school in Italy. With an exceptional teaching team and more than 60 offices throughout Italy, it has been a leader in the professional sector for more than 20 years and boasts Recognitions and Certifications from important Bodies such as: SIDOS, CSEN, EMWA, SGS, also obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Certification It is also the only school certified for the examination in Europe Massage Therapist by the EMWA Association.

Choosing a massage professional who trained with the DIABASI® Method means choosing the best for your well-being.

The professional who is trained with a prestigious school behind him:

Being a masseur means making a professional but also a personal choice, a choice that also changes your way of being: massaging, giving well-being are much more than a job and require a predisposition to contact the person in front of you. That is why it is important to choose a serious and qualified professional.

The DIABASI® Professional School boasts the following quality certificates:

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