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Benefits of Massages

Health is something personal, but it is often a result of the conceptions we have of the world around us and in which we are immersed

(Duilio La Tegola, DIABASI® School founder)


Massages are not applied in any condition and on any tissue; in fact, in some cases they have contraindications which it is up to the professional to identify. But where the person and his state of health allow it, the massage:

The most ancient massage practices increase the awareness of all parts of the body and work towards a greater energy balance. The immune system is strengthened and in some cases a self-healing mechanism is triggered. The relationship with others and the outside is improved and internal well-being is also reflected externally.
Each proposed massage is marked with some symbols that briefly summarize its main characteristics and will help you choose the one that suits you best:
    Activate circulation
    Strengthens the immune system
    Beauty treatment
    Use of oil
   Massage on futon
   Foot Massage
    Thai Massages



The benefits of massage have been known since ancient times

The history of massage is lost in the mists of time and its use to soothe pain, suffering or to eliminate fatigue and relax probably precedes any other treatment technique, the first form of therapy ever used by man. In fact, massage is already mentioned in the Chinese text Cong-Fou, and in the fourth book of the Indian sacred texts of the Ayur-Veda. Many other ancient cultures such as the Maya, Hawaiian, Inca, Avajo and Cherokee, used massage as a disease healing technique and as a means of prevention. The Egyptians at the time of Cleopatra loved being massaged immersed in perfumed waters and massage was considered a sacred art on a par with religious and divinatory rites.

Among the Greeks, Hippocrates described in many of his writings the benefits of massage, or "anatripsis" and his art; in fact, he argued that: "the doctor must have multiple experiences, but he must surely know the art of massage". Also in Greece the first distinction was made between sports massage and therapeutic massage: the first was mainly linked to games, while the second was linked to medicine and healing rituals in temples. With the Romans, massage also extended in the aesthetic field, and was widely used for the treatments, beauty and relaxation of guests in the spa (thermal massage) and is still widely used as an adjunct in aesthetic treatments (Anticellulite massage) .

While the tradition of oriental massage has continued to be carried forward (for example in China with the Meridian Massage or in Thailand with the famous Thai Massage), in Western countries the cult of this practice was interrupted during the Middle Ages, to be partially recovered during the Renaissance. But the great advances made by conventional medicine in the twentieth century sharpened a deep rift in humans by overshadowing traditional therapies, which had been practiced for centuries. Massage is currently experiencing a moment of vigorous rebirth, thanks to a strong need to return to "natural" values, especially as a reaction to the conditions of intense stress and drug abuse imposed by modern society.

The first doctor to whom we owe the reintroduction of massage in the West is Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who systematizes the method into what has since been called Basic (or Swedish) Massage. Since then, interests and advances also in the scientific field, especially in the twentieth century, have led to the discovery and definition of numerous manual approaches to healing or maintaining the state of health, such as the - very important - lymphatic drainage techniques or craniosacral maneuvers, or massages focused on the recovery of a psychological and emotional well-being, first of all the Californian massage, born in the 70s also in support of Vietnam War veterans.

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