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There is no better gift than a moment of relaxation to pamper and take care of yourself


Give a Massage for Christmas! ❤️
You will be entitled to a 30% DISCOUNT for yourself on a treatment of your choice!

Once you have purchased the Massage as a gift, you will have 3 months to request your treatment at a 30% discount.

Promotion valid from 30 November to 30 December 2023, cannot be combined with other promotions and cannot be combined with packages. The reference prices are those present on this site.

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Giving a massage is more than just a gift. It also means communicating to the other person our desire to gratify him with a deep well-being, a way of saying: “I want you to be well and take care of you”.


How does it work?

Choose the massage
to give from the list of massages available


Contact me
to find out prices and payment methods


Once paid,
the voucher is sent to you directly in PDF with a unique code


Send it to whoever you want:
the person who receives it has two months to use it



If you want to immediately buy the massage to give as a gift


If you want to give your MASSAGE now, you can buy it immediately from here:



  • You can choose the design and the amount according to the prices that you find on this website and pay immediately through the main electronic card circuits
  • The person you give the massage to receives the VOUCHER automatically via e-mail
  • The service is guaranteed by the SumUP circuit
The successful transaction guarantees the purchase of the Voucher and will be sufficient for those who receive it by e-mail to make an appointment exclusively at my studio in Via Santa Lucia 33 - loc. Ripoli at cascina (PI) within 2 months of purchase. The person can choose a treatment based on the amount received as a gift from the massages listed on this site. Please contact me for more information about single prices.

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For appointments or personalized treatments:   Write to me at +39 370 3484052 Send me a Whatsapp message

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