Holistic wellness
by Eloise Lonobile

Antico Massaggio Termale Romano®
(Ancient Roman Thermal Massage)
Duilio La Tegola Method

A unique beauty and wellness treatment in the world, performed according to the ancient Roman massage


The ancient Romans went daily to the Baths to wash themselves, take care of their body and share a moment of sociality. This massage, unique in the world, was returned to us moderns by the founder of the Diabasi® Professional Massage School Duilio La Tegola and is the result of studies on ancient texts and visits to the ruins of the ancient baths.

It is structured on the techniques used in the thermal baths by the slaves of the time, as reported by the doctors of the time Galen and Celsus, and represents a real beauty and wellness ritual.

"The ancient Romans were the creators of Wellness, they had clear what had to be done to obtain health and beauty and, among the various commitments, there was certainly the massage that was widely used in the spas. The Ancient Roman Thermal Massage was therefore a cleansing and beauty treatment used by both men and women"


The Ancient Roman Thermal Massage allows you to drain excess fluids, reactivate blood circulation and make the skin compact and shiny.

During the massage, various entirely natural and 100% safe products are used, entirely edible, which is particularly important for those who are sensitive to the chemical components of cosmetic products.

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Antico Massaggio Termale Romano®



Ancient Roman Thermal Massage
Duration: about 1h
Price: 70 Euro



TERMS OF USE: Transaction guaranteed by the SumUp circuit. The purchased massage will be performed exclusively at my studio in Via Santa Lucia 33 (loc. Ripoli) in Cascina, PISA. Send me a message to notify me when the transition is done and make an appointment. Thanks!

Discounts from 15 to 20% on multiple massages: contact me for more info.

For appointments or personalized treatments:   Write to me at +39 370 3484052 Send me a Whatsapp message

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