Holistic wellness
by Eloise Lonobile

Thai Massage

Gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body as assisted yoga


Thai massage consists of pressures and stretches that are associated with the so-called "passive yoga" techniques. Its goal is to bring benefits to the person as a whole, physically but also emotionally, and is therefore in every sense "holistic". In Thailand, this massage is considered part of traditional Thai medicine. With more than 2500 years of history behind it and roots that sink into Sanskrit and therefore Indian culture, it is a precious asset that was added in 2019 to the prestigious list of "intangible cultural heritage" of humanity of Unesco.

Thai massage is first and foremost the art of touching certain points found on invisible lines, called the 10 lines of Thai massage or 10 Sen

All these lines are located at 2 cm under the skin and spread throughout the body. When these lines are worked, we stimulate and intervene on all internal organs.

The massage takes place on the floor, on a futon, with light and comfortable clothing, and does not involve the use of oils.

Thai Massage aims to restore energy flows and has a deep energizing action. It is useful for practicing passive yoga.

From a purely physical point of view it:

  • Helps to eliminate muscular tensions
  • Promotes muscle elasticity
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Reactivates the venous and lymphatic circulation
  • Contrasts joint and muscle pain
  • Increase recovery speed after sports performance
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body

It also works from an energetic point of view rebalancing the weelness of our body, giving us positive vibes.

As in the Bioenergetic Holistic Massage , the futon used is made in a responsible and sustainable way according to the Thai artisan tradition. Its lining is organic cotton. It is padded with ecological kapok: a natural and organic fiber that is breathable and adapts perfectly to the body, making the mattress solid and absolutely comfortable.

Thai Massage Thai Massage Thai Massage




In these images the statue of Jivaka Komarabhacca, who according to ancient legend is the founder of Thai massage, and the representations of the main energy meridians drawn in the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok.

Image source: La storia del massaggio thailandese e del suo fondatore Jīvaka Komarābhacca, medico personale del Buddha


Thai Massage 1h
Duration: about 1h
Price: 50 Euro


Complete Thai Massage 1h30mn
Duration: about 1h30mn
Price: 70 Euro


TERMS OF USE: Transaction guaranteed by the SumUp circuit. The purchased massage will be performed exclusively at my studio in Via Santa Lucia 33 (loc. Ripoli) in Cascina, PISA. Send me a message to notify me when the transition is done and make an appointment. Thanks!

Discounts from 15 to 20% on multiple massages: contact me for more info.

For appointments or personalized treatments:   Write to me at +39 370 3484052 Send me a Whatsapp message

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